Coogee Welding

Coogee Welder

Advantages to Employing a Local Coogee Welder.

When looking for a Coogee welder, there are certain factors that are worth considering:

• Previous jobs conducted by the Coogee welder in the local area. One of the real benefits of employing a Coogee welder is that you can inspect work they have done locally very easily.
• With a local Coogee welder their equipment is readily available and travelling time is cut to a minimum. This means time and energy are spent on your project instead of travelling to and from the job.

Coogee welder


• A Coogee welder is going to have a reputation to keep locally. They very likely send their kids to school at the local primary school and are a part of the community. This means they will guard their reputation.
• It is very likely that a Coogee welder will gain a lot of their business through word of mouth recommendations making their reputation even more important to their business.
• Recent advances in welding mean that your Coogee welder will enjoy greater portability of tools and welding equipment.

Coogee welder

Types of Coogee Welding

1. Tig Welding

2. Shielded metal arc welding also known as just plain arc welding or stick welding.

3. Mig welding.

Your Coogee welder may use all three at different times and for different purposes.

Tig welding is great for stainless steels, nickel alloys, aluminium, magnesium, titanium, cobalt and copper alloys. However, tig welding can be slow and the metal needs to be clean.

Stick is still considered the best for outdoors by many a Coogee welder because light rain or windy days don’t stop their welding. Additionally, the metal doesn’t have to be nearly as clean either.

Mig welding is usually the best choice for general fabrication of steel because of its speed and the ability to tack weld with a single hand.
While welding might look like fun and sparks, it is generally a job best left to the experts. Unless you are very confident, you’re better off contacting your local Coogee welder for a quote. You will find they can recommend and advise on the type of welding best suited to your job.

Your Local Coogee Welder

Employing a local Coogee welder you can ask for references and examples of work and know that the reputation of the Coogee welder is paramount in their mind.

A.G.Steel offers highest quality professional welding and structural steel installations. Anwa from A.G.Steel is a local welder with many years experience and an excellent reputation in the local community.

Contact Anwa from A.G.Steel today for a quote for your next project needing a top Coogee welder.

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